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Author: Ryan Bedford

Everybody is Talking IoT

February, 2019

It's quite amazing to me how often I hear people talking about IoT without even knowing it. I had a conversation with a marketing director.

A company was preparing to launch a new device and preliminary talks were underway for the next round of features. The current device was shipping without WiFi. The director explained that WiFi needed to be added for next release.

He went on to say that "It just seems that if we have a connection to the Internet we could do so much more with our device!" He described the additional advantages of WiFi including updates, easier device calibration, and so on. I explained that porting the device over to a Raspberry Pi based system all of those benefits could be realized.

As it turns out the director never actually heard of IoT but was describing it in easy human terms. To him it was very simple, "if our device can connect to the Internet, we can manage it at a whole new level and make things simpler for both the end user and our company."

He is right! He understood the benefits of IoT without ever hearing the term. IoT doesn't have to be complicated stuff and Raspberry Street exists to make it simple and human!

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