Powerful Features in a Streamlined Package

Raspberry Street integrates device management, notifications, and analytics into a single, slick, and comprehensive package – allowing you to manage your Raspberry Pi computers with unparalleled efficiency. Learn more about our features now!

Simplified Device Uptime Monitoring

Our streamlined user interface lets you quickly see which Raspberry Pi computers are online and offline, and keep an eye on their alerts – all in a single, high-level view.

Smart Notifications

Raspberry Street will keep you informed of important events happening on your Pi device. You'll be informed of storage, cpu, temperature events and more! Coming soon, you'll be able to send your own notifications without using an API!

At-A-Glance Device Status Overviews

It's never been easier to check in on the vitals of your Raspberry Pi computers. Get a quick look at important information like uptime, network connectivity, and more!

Advanced Hardware Monitoring

You can monitor the hardware status of each Pi device individually, with information such as available RAM, current CPU usage, storage, and other detail about connected devices.

Need Even More Features? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Raspberry Street, we’re redefining the world of affordable IoT technology. Check out some of our other great features now.

Native App Look And Feel

Raspberry Street was built using responsive web design principles, which allows for a native app look and feel on mobile devices – and easy access both in the office, and on-the-go.

Live Chat And Support Available

Something go wrong? It happens – and we’ve got your back. Send us an email, give our support team a phone call, or pop open our live chat app to get things sorted out.

BYOPi Device Enrollment

Already got a stock of Pis? Not looking to purchase devices from us? Not a problem! You can BYOPi. Learn how at this link!

Burnt Pi? No Problem!

We offer full warranties for Pi devices sold through Raspberry Street. If your device breaks, we’ll replace it – guaranteed.

Connect With Us For More

We’re social – or, at least, we like to think we are! Find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Questions, queries, puns, and support messages welcome!

No Commitment – Cancel Anytime!

We don’t like being locked into long contracts any more than you do. So we offer a commitment-free business model. Cancel anytime – just make sure you send us a nice apology letter, if you do!

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See how Raspberry Street is revolutionizing the world of enterprise IoT – one Raspberry Pi at a time.


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