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Author: Ryan Bedford

Bring Your Own Pi

November, 2019

We are excited for you to bring your own Pi to Raspberry Street!

1. Setting up environment and download agent:

Create a directory in the "home" directory named "raspberrystreet" (case sensitive). Agent is compatible with Raspbian Jessie, Stretch and Buster. Java is required.

sudo mkdir /home/raspberrystreet

Download the bootstrap script to the raspberrystreet directory.

cd /home/raspberrystreet
sudo wget

Make the bootstrap script executable with chmod command.

sudo chmod 755 bootstrap

Add the following command just before the "exit" command in rc.local

/home/raspberrystreet/bootstrap >> /home/raspberrystreet/bootstrap.log &

Reboot the Pi. After booting bootstrap will run and automatically download the latest agent. After a mintue or so confirm "rsiothub.jar" file exists in "/home/raspberrystreet" directory. Boot strap will also create a log file in the same directory.

Once the agent has been downloaded confirm that it is executable using chmod command.

cd /home/raspberrystreet
sudo chmod 755 rsiothub.jar

2. Registering your Pi with Raspberry Street

Browse to your Raspberry Street Dashboard. After logging in, click on the profile picture/name at top right (current beta version displays as Shawn Smith). A drop down menu will appear displaying a registration code.

While in the raspberrystreet directory on the Pi manually launch the agent using the following command. Substitute ****** with the registration code retrieved in previous step.

sudo java -jar rsiothub.jar ******

Once you receive the message stating registration was successful, reboot the Pi.

Upon reboot the agent will start automatically. In a moment you will see your device show up on your Raspberry Street dashboard.

Give yourself a pat on the back and welcome to Raspberry Street!

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