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Author: Raspberry Street Press

It's About Time!

Since the beginning of time mankind has invented a number of ways to track it. Some of them simple, some not so simple. Synchronized time keeping can be even more tricky.

Many current solutions require central servers and boring displays that cost a lot. Then somehow they don't stay synchronized, what's the point! These systems are overly complicated and just don't work.

You can't buy more time, but you can sure buy a better way to see it! It's time to re-invent time. Or at least re-invent time keeping! Introducing the Raspberry Street Synchronized Clock.

How does it work?

Just plug it in. Ok, so the clock needs power and a display source connected via HDMI, pretty simple. It also needs Wi-Fi setup and since this is a Raspberry Pi Zero W under the hood, this is super simple as well.

When the clock boots for the first time you’ll see a blank white screen. Hit CTRL + ALT + F1 to bring up the terminal. Login with username and password, then type the command below.

sudo raspi-config

Navigate to -> 2 Network Options -> N2 Wi-Fi and enter your SSID and password. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions here to connect your Pi to Wi-Fi.

Next, you'll need to register your clock to connect with Raspberry Street. Registration is simple. Create an account here.

Login to your device (if you are not already) and change to the /home/raspberrystreet/ directory then type the command below.

$ java -jar rsiothub.jar 'registration code'

Your registration code can be found in the web app dashboard under the profile dropdown (upper right corner).


The clock no matter how it's displayed will never get boring, a new beautiful background image loads each day. No matter the size of display, the clock will show perfectly!

Device is so tiny it will disappear behind the display with ease. Never worry about setting the time! Every clock gets its time utilizing the Network Time Protocol or ntp, so they will all display the same time, that is why we call it synchronized.

How much does it Cost?

Time for another monthly payment right? Wrong! The Raspberry St. Synchronized Clock is just $68.95 and includes a power cord, with NO monthly or yearly payments to worry about!

Over time Raspberry St. will release exciting new features and functionality. Some features will be free others you can unlock for a one time charge. You are always in control!

Express Setup

Don't want to worry about any setup or registration? We get it! We'll have your clock devices custom configured for your environment, registered with our system, at NO charge to you.

We will be in contact with you to get all the information necessary for a true 'just plug it in' experience. As a matter of fact, we'd prefer to do it this way!


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